Brampton Halt, Northampton

Brampton Halt is an old railway station in the village of Chapel Brampton in the Northamptonshire countryside. It has a wonderful outdoor space with lake and rolling gardens with outdoor BBQ shack and loads of covers both inside and out. The inside is full of character with lots of nooks and crannies for people to sit. The brief was to update the interior making it more appealing to the wide variety of people who visit the Halt. A careful use of new paint colours and flooring combined with new lighting, furnishings and wall finishes created a whole new updated interior and feel for the pub. We re used all the existing artwork mixed in with new bric a brac and seating areas were altered to make every cover an appealing place to dine. A new more functional coffee station has been a great addition for the staff in a busy pub and the interior now reflects the high standards of food which are served there, with glowing Trip Advisor reports it was lovely project to work on.